Stripped down rhythms, screeching synth sounds and all analog hardware. ‘Modtech’ is the brainchild of Electronic music producer / sound designer ‘Frederik Strobbe’ who’s experience with Techno goes a long way back. At the center of Modtech’s 'laptop-free’ setup is a big modular synth accompanied by drum machines. Everything is performed live during one to two hour sets.

Rogue Unit

Known for his popular DJ sets on the Detroit-Berlin Youtube channel, techno producer and DJ 'Rogue Unit' is also gaining terrain in the Belgian nightlife. He runs the Antwerp based techno label Detroit-Berlin since May 2017 and his releases are already supported by artists like Goldfox (Studio Brussel, BE), Ivano Carpenelli (Confusion Roma, IT), Rob Zile (Kiss FM, AUS) and more.


'Alego' is a techno project of Italian producer Simone Gelao who's on the look for dark hypnotic synths, hard kicks, deep bass and detailed grooves since 2013. Inspired by the world of theater and opera, his music he is made to amaze and hypnotize.

Motor City Sound

Straight from Detroit, 'Motor City Sound' makes funky and highly energetic Techno.


Carlos Native aka Subtraum is a producer from Southern Spain. After many years working with his brother Dani Native on their project called ‘Nature Soul Cybertronic’, which is a fundamental reference in the European Dark Techno scene, Carlos starts his solo work in 2014 on 'Subtraum' and 'Tainted Cell'.
‘Subtraum’ has already seen a few brilliant releases on labels like Deep Division Records, Nomiland-Records and Trau-ma.

Oliver Alex

Oliver Alex (former resident at Kompass Klub Gent) is a Belgian DJ & producer driven by machines. He tells stories through sound design, video art and live shows. OA's sound is characterized by the combination of field recordings with analog synthesis, resulting in either raw techno or ambient electronica.